Jesper Zacco - Dream
Alexandre Saada - Songs For A Flying Man
Roya - Pulse
Tan Cologne - Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico
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Jesper Zacco – Dream
Jesper Zacco

Tan Cologne – Heretic Porcelain
Tan Cologne
Heretic Porcelain

Alexandre Saada – Songs For A Flying Man
Alexandre Saada
Songs For A Flying Man

We Are Revolution – Tropical
We Are Revolution


May 12, 2021

Out today – Dream – the debut single by Jesper Zacco. Album to be released in September 2021. A big welcome to the Labrador family Jesper!

October 31, 2020

Heretic Porcelain by Tan Cologne – out now on Labrador.

“One of the most pleasantly puzzling and positively promising introductions of 2020, Tan Cologne is ready to sing audiences into a serene, sonic stupor.” – Highclouds


June 5, 2020

Alexandre Saadas’ album Songs For a Flying Man is out today!  A warm and intimate album that sometimes brings to mind legendary artists such as Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith.

Alexandre Saada, born in Avignon (southern France) and with a solid background as a jazz musician and composer of film music, claims to be inspired by Swedish artists such as Jay-Jay Johanson and José Gonzales when he is now releasing his first album as a singer-songwriter. To his help, he has had, among others, artist and author Melissa Bon who contributes with both vocals and text. Alexandre himself describes Songs For a Flying man as “intimate in tone. I tell stories from my own life or ones that pass through my mind. The songs are poetic and sensitive.”




May 15, 2020

We Are Revolution delivers yet another song that manages to mix those contradictory feelings of euphoria and melancholy. “Tropical” is driving though the city at night, with a heart both acing of lost love and bursting with joy. “Tropical” could be a John Huges film turned into a dance track by Pet Shop Boys. Or as We Are Revolution put it themselves, “We aim to make dancefloor classics for modern lovers.”

We are proud to release the second single from the forthcoming debut album by We Are Revolution.

May 5, 2020

My Land is Your Soul – New single by Alexandre Saada out today!