Songs For A Flying Man - Alexandre Saada
Pulse by Roya - Out now!
Tan Cologne releases their debut album!
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Alexandre Saada – Songs For A Flying Man
Alexandre Saada
Songs For A Flying Man

We Are Revolution – Tropical
We Are Revolution

Alexandre Saada – My Land is Your Soul
Alexandre Saada
My Land is Your Soul

Alexandre Saada – This World Is Not For Us
Alexandre Saada
This World Is Not For Us


June 5, 2020

Alexandre Saadas’ album Songs For a Flying Man is out today!  A warm and intimate album that sometimes brings to mind legendary artists such as Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith.

Alexandre Saada, born in Avignon (southern France) and with a solid background as a jazz musician and composer of film music, claims to be inspired by Swedish artists such as Jay-Jay Johanson and José Gonzales when he is now releasing his first album as a singer-songwriter. To his help, he has had, among others, artist and author Melissa Bon who contributes with both vocals and text. Alexandre himself describes Songs For a Flying man as “intimate in tone. I tell stories from my own life or ones that pass through my mind. The songs are poetic and sensitive.”




May 15, 2020

We Are Revolution delivers yet another song that manages to mix those contradictory feelings of euphoria and melancholy. “Tropical” is driving though the city at night, with a heart both acing of lost love and bursting with joy. “Tropical” could be a John Huges film turned into a dance track by Pet Shop Boys. Or as We Are Revolution put it themselves, “We aim to make dancefloor classics for modern lovers.”

We are proud to release the second single from the forthcoming debut album by We Are Revolution.

May 5, 2020

My Land is Your Soul – New single by Alexandre Saada out today!

April 13, 2020

If you haven’t already done it, make sure to check out Pulse by Roya.

“Pulse is still a very layered and detailed excursion, re-visiting several different sonic landscapes in the world of electronica and minimal wave. I hear traces of Ladytron, progressive electro, DAF and sometimes even goth. Roya has the courage to cross borders, with integrity and elegance.” 8/10 – Release Magazine

“Någonstans i gränslandet mellan den mest drömska gothen och tung body rör hon sig, med känsla för både dynamik och melodier. Inspirerande!” 8/10 – 482 MHz

“Låtarna får på något sätt en perfekt balans, på samma gång effektivt avskalade och fulla av ljud och rytmer” 5/5 Hifi & Musik

April 13, 2020

In case you didn’t notice – This World is not for Us by Alexandre Saada is out! Sad and beautiful French pop music at it’s very best. Go listen!