Club 8
July 4, 2013

A collaboration from two opposite sides of the world; New Zealand’s Misfit Mod joins Sweden’s Club 8 for the hazy, dub-infused “Hot Sun”.

Stream/MP3: “Hot Sun feat. Misfit Mod”

“Misfit Mod is the most interesting new act I’ve discovered this year. She has a unique sound and way of singing that I just love. I was so impressed that I not only asked to talk to her for Interview Magazine, I wanted us to do something together. She was kind enough to agree,” says Club 8‘s Johan Angergård

Sweden’s Club 8 dropped their 8th album, the critically acclaimed Above The City in May. A couple of months earlier Misfit Mod put together Islands, an album of icy electronic beats, wet synths, and a hypnotic voice which was released in February.

“I’ve been really loving Club 8‘s new record Above The City and it’s been super fun to work on one of my favourite tracks off their record, “Hot Sun”. I love the way this song transports you into a totally different time and place, so so dreamy!” says Misfit Mod‘s Sarah Kelleher.

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