Labrador Summer Sampler 2013
June 20, 2013

We’ve had a great first half year of 2013 with brilliant releases by The Mary Onettes, Club 8 and Johan Hedberg. Thanks for your support!

Someone once sang “…with summer time comes regrets”, but let’s not think about that right now. Tomorrow is Midsummer and we want to celebrate that by giving you something special.

The absolutely free Labrador Summer Sampler 2013 has 12 lovely songs to brighten up your summer days.  Take care!

MP3>> (Zip file download)


1. The Mary Onettes “Hit the waves”
2. Club 8 “I’m not gonna grow old”
3. Pallers “Come rain, come sunshine”
4. Acid House Kings “Under water ”
5. Amanda Mair “Skinnarviksberget”
6. Club 8 “Hot sun”
7. Johan Hedberg “Nackamasterna”
8. The Mary Onettes “Evil Coast”
9. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names “Rent a wreck”
10. Sambassadeur “Kate”
11. Pelle Carlberg “Go to hell, miss Rydell”
12. Irene “Little things (that tear us apart)”