The Legends

The Legends’ ”Nightshift” is an album brimful of lazy space-funk, noir-electro and feral pop frenzy. The album kickstarts with ”Cash” which displays a newly-won confidence. 

I’m the kind of guy that everybody wants to be / They’re throwing all their cash on me.

“I’ve never cared much about what people are gonna think of my music. If I did I’d be the biggest artist on the planet. But even with my standards, ”Nightshift” is an unusually free album. I’ve totally skipped the whining. I don’t know if it’s a happy album –  it’s not like I’m a newborn Christian –  , it’s more of ”eat-your-SSRIs-and-shut-up-and-enjoy-yourself-for-fucks-sake” kind of album. With people like Trump, Putin and Jinping ruling and ruining the world I need this more than ever.”, The Legends’ Johan Angergård states.

Many assumed The Legends had resigned after 2009’s angst-ridden noise pop output ”Over And Over”. Then, he suddenly reappeared six years later on Brooklyn’s Cascine label with the nervous love album ”It’s Love”. The lead single ”Keep Him” seemed to have a strong emotional impact on fragile hearts and quickly got 150.000 plays on Soundcloud.

“Cascine has great people and I value Jeff’s opinion on music.  I needed his feedback on my songs back then.  But I’m more self-confident today and figured I might as well go all DIY again. As much as I love other people, there’s just no opinion I value higher than my own right now.”

For ”Nightshift”, The Legends has “high-teched”  his studio equipment, bought a bunch of vocoders and analogue synthesizers and listened to the funkiest electronic music he could find:

I love Futurism. I love the dynamism of modern technology. I love the endless possibilities.

The Legends seem to be in a good place right now. “Nightshift” might be a night album, but it’s lit up by neon.




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