The Legends

The Legends was formed in January 2003 and the week after a gig was booked, supporting The Radio Dept. in Stockholm. As the band basically lacked songs and members the first two weeks were spent writing songs and gathering friends who could play, or wanted to play, in the band.

According to The Legends the band play music that can’t be placed in a genre, still they’re happy to agree on Television Personalities, Comet Gain, Motown and C-86 as inspiration.

“When they write their best uptempo songs, time stands still. Handclap, sing-a-long choruses and clattering guitars, soul” says The Cricket. We agree!

The Legends are nine persons who play drums, guitars, tambourine, organ, bass and sings. Many of the members have never played their instruments before which just adds excitement to the short and intensive gigs.




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