Acid House Kings - Sing Along With Acid House Kings (Deluxe Edition)

1. That’s Because You Drive Me
2. Do What You Wanna Do
3. This Heart Is a Stone
4. London School of Economics
5. 7 Days
6. I Write Summer Songs for No Reason
7. Tonight Is Forever
8. The Saturday Train
9. Sleeping
10. Will You Love Me In the Morning?
11. A Long Term Plan
12. Wipe Away Those Tears

Bonus Tracks on Digital Deluxe
13. Come Josephine
14. Drama Inside
15. The Camera
16. Keep Your Love
17. Will You Love Me in the Morning? (Feat. Magnus Carlson)
18. Ce Coeur Est De Pierre (Feat. Les Très Bien Ensemble)
19. Jag Skyller Allt På Dig (Feat. Lasse Lindh)
20. Do What You Wanna Do (Feat. Montt Mardié)
21. Tonight Is Forever (Feat. Don Lennon)

Sep 13, 2005 | LAB075VINYL | Digital, Vinyl | Album