Eternal Death to Spain!

Yep, the first ever Eternal Death tour takes place in Spain late March. Don’t miss it!

27 March 2014, Zaragoza @ La Lata de Bombillas (Spain)
28 March 2014, Madrid @ Café de Palma (Spain)
29 March 2014, Pamplona @ Sala Subsuelo (Spain)

The Mary Onettes

The Mary Onettes tour cancelled

We’re sorry to inform you that the Mary Onettes North American tour has been cancelled. This is what the band announced on their Facebook page:

This is the post we hoped we never had to write.
We are forced to cancel all US and Canada dates.
The reason for this is that the USCIS ( US migration) have asked us in the last minute for complementary proof to support our work VISA petition.This have apparently happened to a LOT of artist/musicians recently. This has never happened to us before, and we have in the past been granted US work visas several times.This means that the USCIS won’t be able to handle our case quick enough, thus leaving us with no other option than to cancel most parts of the tour. It´s a disaster for us, as for Bond Music, the promotors, TMO fans and of course Heavenly Beatwith whom we were really looking forward to tour with.

BUT! If you are coming to Texas for SXSW, we will be doing official showcases there, and we are working out the last details on that now. We will keep you updated on where and when we will be playing at SXSW.
Again, we are so sorry and are now working on re-scheduling the US tour for later this year.