Welcome Alexandre Saada!

Yes, we know – Alexandre has already released two beautiful singles on Labrador but we haven’t officially introduced him to you. So here we go:

 Jazz improviser, composer of movie soundtracks or simply songwriter, Alexandre Saada takes us where his synesthetic musician’s fingers guide him. From this neurological bug transforming musical chords into sound textures, this French pianist from a family of uprooted people – his father left Tunisia as a teenager and his mother left Algeria in the middle of the war – made his instrument a stateless object.

At the age of 4, this merchant son from Avignon climbed for the first time on a piano seat. Eleven years later, this jazzman born in the first light of punk (1977) made his first concerts. Hundreds of jazz concerts and recordings later Alexandre, now based in Paris, decides to group his songs, objects that he produces with precision, contrary to his improvised tracks. His meeting with the singer and author Mélissa Bon (ex-The Voice) helped him to give birth to twelve tracks which will constitute his first singer’s album.

On Songs For A Flying Man, Alexandre is flying through a sky populated by stars such as Nick Drake, Elliot Smith and Mercury Rev.

Welcome to the Labrador family Alexandre!