Earth Visions Of Water Spaces

Earth Visions Of Water Spaces, the second album by Tan Cologne, has been out for a couple of weeks by now, and wow – the response is great! Thank you for all the beautiful words and reviews. We are so happy that you seem to love the album as much as we, the Labrador crew do! On the 4th of November the vinyl hits the streets. Make sure to grab your copy before it’s gone!

“blissful ambient guitar pop with a Mazzy Star-like vocal drift” – 4/5, MOJO

”It’s clear this is set to be one of the most influential records of the year. A must to embrace and engage” – Circuit Sweet

“Earth Visions Of Water Spaces makes for a lucid listening experience. Its many layers coalesce into a soothing wall of sound, a welcome reprieve of dreamscapes that wash over the mind with the warmth of a familiar ocean, each bout of crashing foam containing multitudes within” – Post Trash

“Truly Tan Cologne are a spellbinding, magical duo. Let them walk you under their skies and pull you under” – Too Much Music

“the psyche-tinged haziness and lilting beauty of Earth Visions Of Water Spaces reaches the heights of stylistically similar cult classics like The Verve’s A Storm in Heaven” – Live4Ever