Chasing Dorotea

“Me, Hugo and Mattias have been playing music together since we were 11 years old. I have been writing songs for as long. We grew up in a suburb of Stockholm. Have had our share of parties and travels. I write lyrics about girls I like a lot, dreams, childhood and other things I think are important.

Decided in 1998 to make music that sounded like red house painters. Before that I was mostly in to hard rock. All the musicians are from the same music school. I met my sister Tuva on a parkbench in Prague. Recorded a demo in 1999 and nothing happened.

In the beginning of 2001 I wrote twelve songs in a week, recorded them the following week and signed a contract with Summersound the third week. 25 new songs in my pocket, much better, I think, a couple of duets with a girl called Maria.

We rehearse in a suburb called the mid-summer garland together with three of the greatest bands in the world; Caesar’s Palace, The Dandelions and Mano and the Tears.”

—Christopher Sander, singer/songwriter in Chasing Dorotea.

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