Once in a while you get bored. Perhaps you then go out for a drink or two. Perhaps you even end up completely shit-faced. And here is where you might form a band. It’s quite easy, when you’re lying there passed out on the dance floor, a couple of merciful souls are bound to pick you up and carry you home. This is when you might ask these merciful souls whether they would want to play in your band. The souls will most likely tell you that of course they would like to, but they’ve got a lot on with their other bands at the time. This is when you pull out the ace from your sleeve and tell them that you’ve got a record deal and you’ve got yourself a band!.

Now, what might this band be playing then? Well, when you take one lead singer, who as a former swimmer, has the lung capacity to wail your ears to the other side of the Atlantic ocean, a bass player who has a past as a basketball player playing along with famous Swedish hip-hop acts, a guitarist with a past as a hockeyplayer alongside Swedish all-stars like Sebastian Wik, a trumpet player who used to enjoy beating the crap out of her, now late, grandmother in badminton (may the lord have mercy on her soul), a guitar and trombone player taken straight out of the defence of the football team Lokomotiv Neger, a skateboarding organist with constantly broken hands, ribs and wrists and a drummer who has no connection with sports at all it ends up sounding more or less like Hefner running into a high-pitched Morrissey on the jogging course.

But you must not be led to think that this energy package has only received its glory through deeds connected to sport. These fine youngsters are already something of veterans on the underground pop scene of Stockholm. Emerging from groups like, GHB, The Crew, Bristol Ltd., The Outbreak, Regor, The Fermats, The Protection Rooms, Gadfic Moore, The Shattered Charlies, Fabulous Combo, Mornel, The Cuff and Jaap Stam this is something of an underground supergroup. So get into your best party frock and allow your dancing body to fall into the depths of Stockholm’s finest ntilounge.


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