When the universe brings together two superstitious middle children, born in the same year, under the same star sign, living on two different continents, extraordinary things can happen.

Sometimes the timing is so right and the draw is so strong that not even an ocean as wide as the Atlantic can stand in the way.

DJUSTIN was always meant to be.

It is the realization of nearly two decades of friendship, mutual admiration, and a shared musical aesthetic – similar in history and influence, but complimentary in skill.

Johan acts as sound architect; Rose sings and authors lyrics.

DJUSTIN is a starry-eyed narrative set to driving beats, crystalline synths, and alluring vocals.

DJUSTIN leads listeners on a slow-burning, all-consuming descent into desire, lust, and unrequited love, along with the inevitable disenchantment.

DJUSTIN is the bittersweet reminder that your heart may break and your world may fall to pieces, but you will be dancing all the while.