Douglas Heart

Douglas heart first started out as a duo, an outgrowth from the {legendary} shoegazeband »Standing pales«. The two songwriters of the band, Malin Dahlberg {vocals} and Pontus Wallgren {guitar} started to make songs with a more intimate and minimalistic sound that they didn’t really want to ruin with way to distorted guitars and a jangly garagesound that could kill anyone in too large doses. So they moved on from the noise pop, though still keeping the tunes and simple chords, and called themselves “Hal blaine”.

This was the entrence to what we now like to call the bedroomtapes-era {a correct designation if by an era you mean two or three months}. A couple of demos were recorded in Pontus bedroomstereo-recorder and distributed mostly to friends and such. The concept of the music was to make short but consist songs, the setting was a small casiosynth {who’s organsound and funky drums were most frequently used}, guitar, bass and song. In the summer of 2001 a demo was recorded in a real studio, from which two songs now are included on the »Labrador Kingsize«- compilation. The sound changed into a more electronic and gentle approach, and it was somewhere around this time that hal blaine got in touch with Labrador records. When planning for a full length release on Labrador, Pontus and Malin discovered that Hal Blaine, the actual person, had given out his own releases under the very same name. When they, above that, also discovered that these releases were really bad, they decided to change the name to »Douglas heart«.

Douglas heart released their dreamy debut album »Douglas heart« in May 2003 (produced by Björn Olsson). It was followed by the harder and more shoegaze-like EP »I could see the smallest things« in late 2004.


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