Eternal Death

Eternal Death has been described as “The perfect mix of Sabrina and Burial.” Accurate or not, it is true that their debut album is an glorious, explosive one revolving around evanescence, death and sparkling pop melodies.

A debut of total silence…
The story of Eternal Death began in the fall of 2013 with the video, ”Eternal Death”. With its 4 minutes of total silence and darkness it created an equal amount of fascination and confusion. The press photo was bought from Shutterstock.

Critically acclaimed debut single, early 2014…
The video was followed up by the single “Head” in early spring of 2014. It was described as “vibrant death-disco with sparkling pop melodies behind an electronic wall of sound and a hazy, 21 year-old, Swedish Dolly Parton,” and received praise from everyone from Popjustice to Under The Radar.

The opposite of an artist…
Eternal Death consists of Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård. Johan explains how it started:
“Eternal Death was a solo project of mine for a month or two. When I had finished what I thought would be the first single it struck me that I didn’t want to play live, I didn’t want to appear in photos, I wasn’t that interested in doing interviews and I wasn’t very keen on singing. I didn’t want to be anything an artist is supposed to be or do anything an artist is supposed to do. I’m a big fan of Elin Berlin’s solo work and we had been in touch for a while. I asked her if she might want to be involved with Eternal Death, and we tried a couple of songs together. It worked out magically.”

Elin Berlin noted, “On my first trip to Stockholm, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard one noisy, instrumental song, and I knew that it was supposed to be called “Eternal Death”. But the concept; electronic pop music with lyrics that question our existence, faith and afterlife was very intriguing to me. When we started recording, I lost all that uncertainty. My tender voice in contrast to the harsh, almost industrial music creates a beautiful atmosphere. Anxiety is something I possess in abundance, and I tend to comfort myself with the somewhat cliché-ridden quote, ‘the darkest nights produce the brightest stars’.”

After a summer hiatus ironically due to personal factors such as loss of relatives and panic attacks they just finished their debut album, which is simply called, Eternal Death, due to arrive on Labrador Records on February 24, 2015.



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