Lasse Lindh

Lasse Lindh released his debut album “Bra” on EMI in 1998 in Sweden. Three singles were released from that album; “I en annan flicka«, »Jag vill vara som du«, and »Hon är bättre«. All of them were among the most played songs in the Swedish language on P3 {Sweden’s biggest radio channel} and the video for “Jag vill vara som du” was at A-rotation on both MTV and Z-TV. And that’s all very well… but in terms of how the album sounded Lasse was not satiesfied.

“You wake up sea tac” was released on Labrador in February 2002 and this is the album Lasse Lindh feels should have been his debut. On the album he’s put his native tongue aside and written 10 intense and personal pop songs. The album was very well received in the press and gave him a brand new, international, audience with releases in the US, Japan, Korea and all over Europe.

After “You wake up on sea tac” Lasse Lindh has released two albums with Tribeca (on Labrador in 2002 and 2004) and three in Swedish as Lasse Lindh (on Groover Recordings).



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