Here’s how it all started according to the founder:

Loveninjas is not really a band. It’s a concept. I was playing with a small electronic piano in the autumn of 2004 when a nice melody evolved. ”Sweet Geisha Love” was about the dilemma of a young, female assassin; to kill or to make love. Now that I had a song I figured I might as well start a fake band. I decided on writing about death, sex and Japanese girls only. It’s a good way stimulate creativity. A really intense period of writing and recording followed.

I got the feeling Loveninjas would be fun live. So I asked my friends if they wanted to join. The question was: Do you want to be on stage dressed in costumes singing silly songs about murder and sex? Three of them said yes. Olle got to be the heart while the rest of us were transformed into little black friends with dirty hair and coloured hearts attached with glue.

Loveninjas was now ready for action.



Cover art