Formed in 2008 Pallers produced their debut EP “Humdrum in Spain with a view over over the Mediterranean. During one week of constant sunshine they created the dark electronica under the motto “Dance music for the lazy, the blazers and for the slightly depressed.”. Around this time the duo had a fixed working process:

1. Record vocals
2. Upload vocals to the other member
3. Other member builds the song
4. Members leave the country
5. Pallers return home with the finalized record

The 12″ vinyl EP “Humdrum” was released in the winter 2008/2009 and the title track become an immediate blog success topping charts like Hypem and It was followed by the equally successful single “The Kiss” in 2010 and the winter hymn “Arctic hymn” around Christmas the same year.

Late spring 2011 Pallers put the finishing touch to their monumental debut album “The Sea of Memories”. Ten tracks where every influence finds it’s place in an ever shimmering mosaic. The wealth of details, the ever growing melodies and epic soundscapes transforms the listening experience into a space voyage of emotional discoveries.

The album was produced and recorded during three years time in apartments, basements, villas and cabins in Pallers, La mar, Stockholm, Miami and Cape Town.

Both members come from the same small town in the south of Sweden, Åhus, and have known each other half their lives; they’ve explored Stockholm’s night life together, travelled Europe and experienced everything from the glamour of Southern Spain to the dirty floors of German clubs… etc. But they’ve never made music together before Pallers.

Half of the duo has a love for ambient, trip hop and electronica while the other is deeply involved in the world of pop. Pallers integrate the seemingly tricky components with such ease it almost seems effortless – turning it into something new – something of their very own.

Pallers is a neighborhood in the outskirts of Åhus where half of the duo grew up and still returns to.




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