Sambassadeur started as a DIY version of ABBA in the year 2003. They were one of the bands that lead an explosive Swedish pop movement of home recording artists who surprised our country by not only achieving overnight indie fame (thanks to the MP3 spreading kids!) but also reached the sales charts. Since that their sound has continued to grow with their recording budget. On their third album ”European” they’ve finally accomplished to make the grand, classic and orchestrated album they’ve always wanted to.

In the year 2007 Sambassadeur entered a new epoch as they stopped recording at home and started working with producer Mattias Glavå. The second album “Migration” not only gave the band a more glittery sound. It helped Sambassadeur to gain further success around the world and brought them on tour in countries like Spain, the UK, Austria, Germany and Denmark. Offers for shows kept coming in but due to the severe flying anxiety of guitarist Joachim Läckberg most of them had to be turned down which gave the band a certain secret stars status.

Their third “European” has taken almost two years to finish and they’ve once again employed the talents of Mattias Glavå. According to the band he did very little. He merely lay on the sofa and cursed how badly they played their instruments and continued to bring in more and more musicians. A string quartet, three drummers, a saxophone player, clarinet, the list goes on…

Sambassadeur is right now writing new material and a single should out before the summer of 2011.




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