Suburban Kids with Biblical Names wants to “turn all the dance floors into a burning inferno of Ba-ba-ba”, to quote the Kids themselves. And with their debut single “Rent a wreck”, they surely did. They sound as if they’ve been writing songs together since the beginning of time. Or perhaps more like children who’ve played together forever. There’s something very playful and extremely catchy about their music that makes our bodies quiver each time we hear them.

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names are Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarsson. They make and record their music in the hallway or the storehouse at the home of Peter’s kind parents. Johan makes simple drafts of the songs and then Peter polishes them and turns them into shiny pop songs.

They put two songs on an internet site in the beginning of 2004 and got a very good response from people. The Sonic magazine got in touch and interviewed them and put a song on their compilation. Soon after this they were signed to Labrador Records.

In 2005 Labrador released their debut album simply called #3 which not only reached the charts in Sweden and got amazing reviews here – it was somewhat of a slowly growing worldwide success. The album was released in late 2006 in North America and in 2007 in the UK. In Sweden it was nominated for a “Grammis” year 2005 (a prestigious prize at the big award show “Grammisgalan” in Sweden)

Four years after their debut single, “Rent a wreck” the Kids released another EP, unsurprisingly titled #4, in February 2009 and introduced a new set of musical components. They playfully mix British soul with tropical rhythms and the sounds of lonely days listening to the radio. They also sing in Swedish for the first time on the single “Studenter på flak”. And they show us once again here in Swedish what great songwriters they are, blending melancholy, dry humour, everyday life and drunken nightlife.




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