Tan Cologne is the duo of Lauren Green and Marissa Macias based in Northern New Mexico.
The two artists work in sonic and tactile modalities inspired by both Earthly and otherworldly landscapes.

Tan Cologne released their debut album entitled “Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico” on Labrador Records (Sweden) in 2020.
The album has been listed as one of Gorilla Vs Bear’s “Favorite Albums of 2020”,
Brooklyn Vegan: Indie Basement’s Best Albums of 2020, selected as a “Staff Listening Pick” on PASTE Magazine, & more.
Green and Macias write, perform, and record everything you hear as the entity Tan Cologne.

In 2022, the duo will release a 7” vinyl split on Curation Records, a sophomore full length album on Labrador Records,
and will also journey to Ostuni, Italy to create a soundscape for the environment of Pescetrullo.




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