Waltz For Debbie

Waltz For Debbie was formed in 1996 by Martin Permer and Annica Lundbäck. The two of them met in Lund while studying at the university. Nowadays Annica is living in Stockholm and Martin in Malmö. This, however, is no problem, since they’re more of a studio band than a live act, they both assure. The band is writing fresh sounding electronic pop music in the vain of Dubstar and Saint Etienne. Martin is writing most of the songs while Annica is using her mesmerizing voice to complete their music.

Waltz for Debbie released the CD-single »He Loves Anna« on Labrador in July 1999 and in January this year their follow-up »Once upon time« reached the stores. It was a big radio-hit in Sweden. 10 weeks on P3’s charts. Both singles appear on their debut album, released the 13th of June 2000. It’s called »Gone and Out« and contains 10 of the catchiest poptunes since….. Waltz For Debbie has previously released the CD single »You & I & Brett & Alice« on Stockholm Records.