Wan Light

Wan Light from Stockholm is K. Svensson and M. Karnock. The band is named after an old Orange Juice song, but that’s all they have in common with Edwyn Collin’s old band. Wan Light’s music are based on traditional singer/songwriter songs, often electronically produced, but sometimes they choose a more minimalistic production with just a lonely piano.

The lyrics are multifaceted and easy in the contours, still very vivid. Listening to the music of Wan Light evokes a great deal of pictures. Their music can be described as beautiful and experimental pop with a big distance to rock and harshness.

The two members of Wan Light have been playing together for a long time, as drummer and bass player respectively. When they by coincidence changed their direction as musicians in the year 2002 they found something that resulted in a close collaboration with producer Björn Öqvist.

The album »Let’s wake up somewhere else« offers a 40 minutes long journey with wide range of experiences on the way. It contains the two singles »Get it Straighter« and »Landmarks and Houses«.

Let us all wake up somewhere else… preferably in Wan Light’s land.


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